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Feature Spotlight: Salary Benchmarking Tool

On average, it costs employers 33% of a worker’s annual salary to hire a new employee, according to a study by Work Institute. In today’s tight labor market, it’s essential that you’re doing everything possible to help your business retain and attract top talent. A huge component of t
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Layoff Considerations and How to Prepare for Potential Claims

Layoffs are an unfortunate reality for many businesses. Whether a layoff is planned or unplanned, a business can suffer major reputational harm or even be taken to court following a large-scale termination. In fact, it’s not unheard of for layoffs (and even just the threat of layoffs)
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Proper Management of Your Business Insurance

Insuring your company is serious business. Every business has risk exposures, that’s why having the right coverage is crucial for your agency’s well being. Accidents, falls, employee mistakes, job-related injuries and/or lawsuits happen all the time. Without the right coverage,
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