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Why does your healthcare business need a risk assessment?

Business-risk assessments identify potential hazards and their consequences. Companies of all sizes use them to try to reduce business risks, create disaster recovery plans, and also purchase insurance for what they cannot completely control. Small businesses have an especially p
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What are my options for my commercial insurance?

Should I shop for other options? This is a question many business owners struggle with about changing their commercial insurance. They want to ensure that they are getting the best value and the most protection. The market is very complex, making it hard for business owners to know ho
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How Opioid Use Affects Workers’ Compensation

Prescription opioids are the number one workers’ compensation problem in terms of controlling the ultimate cost of indemnity losses. This comes from a recent Lockton Companies report that also states that there’s never been a more damaging impact on workers’ compensation claims than t
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Home Care Services: Fastest-growing segments in the U.S.

Home healthcare services represent one of the fastest-growing segments in the U.S., as increasingly more individuals are looking to remain at home as they age and need assistance. In fact, today home healthcare is a $74.5 billion industry with 304,350 businesses serving individuals th
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Workers’ Compensation – Employer Penalties

Workers’ compensation is a system of no-fault insurance that provides medical and monetary benefits to employees (or their survivors) for work-related injuries, diseases and deaths. The California Workers’ Compensation Act (WCA) imposes several obligations on employers and includes fi
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Layoff Considerations and How to Prepare for Potential Claims

Layoffs are an unfortunate reality for many businesses. Whether a layoff is planned or unplanned, a business can suffer major reputational harm or even be taken to court following a large-scale termination. In fact, it’s not unheard of for layoffs (and even just the threat of layoffs)
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